Our Work

We work without any compromise on time and budgets to achieve daily what most other salons would be proud to produce on very rare occasions. Our stylists work using only the finest haircare & styling preparations from Oribe Hair Care and Pulp Riot Hair and protect the integrity of guests hair using Olaplex in all of our colour formulations as standard.We allow significantly more time for our talented professionals to achieve this, and see great returns from our dedicated clientele. We offer true value, and those that get ” Our Philosophy”, really get it.

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“Our service is bespoke and we have an uncompromising pursuit of perfection. For each and every one of our clients we aim to achieve the optimum potential of their hair. We don’t leave anything to chance.”

Miles Rhodes

Our Philosophy

Vaughan stylists all subscribe to a logic that inspires, namely, that in order to achieve the end vision the foundations are key. Every stage of the guest journey is comprehensively thought through to maximise on any opportunities to enhance value and deliver the optimum results to the hair, without compromise. The cornerstones of which are Consultation, Care, Construction and Clarification.


Vaughan stylists listen to the hair, listen to the guest and listen to the hair again. They are realistic, honest, and present a clear vision of the path that will be taken and ensure that the best results are achieved.


Vaughan stylists cleanse, condition and groom the hair. To provide maximum hydration, appropriate shine and genuine health in every single strand of hair, they use the world’s finest preparations.


Vaughan stylists choose lengths, shapes and structures that will maintain the shape and health of the hair for maximum longevity. They know that efficient appointment cycles create genuine value for guests.


Vaughan stylists explain the execution of the consultation. They define any deviations or revelations, and they teach the techniques and identify the tools to maintain your hair away from Vaughan, Bath.


Bev Willis

“Well, I don’t believe there are words in existence to express how incredible Vaughan really is. The indescribable talent, experience and professionalism quietly embedded in the staff is unrivalled by any salon I have ever come across, despite having searched around the globe…There are good salons, there are great salons, and then there is Miles and his team at Vaughan: a different approach indeed, in a COMPLETELY different league.”

Alison Crawley

“Seriously the best experience I’ve ever had at a salon. I still can’t believe how much time Miles spent looking at my hair and talking to me about it: what I liked, what I didn’t like, the problems that I would like to solve, etc. I loved his honesty and meticulous attention to detail, and the haircut was brilliant. Bath is over an hour away from where I live, but it’s worth the trip. Very, very impressed.”

Emily Davidson

“The overall experience is so unlike that of other hairdressers – the interior is beautiful, I was given refills of elderflower cordial and the conversation was flowing – such a relaxed yet fun atmosphere. Best of all – I love my new cut and can’t wait to go back for a colour consultation 10/10 for such a unique little place.”

The Team

Miles Rhodes

Gemma Porteous

Hannah Powell

Becky Thomas

Sophie Tippett

Courtney Hamblin

Sarah Rhodes

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Mon-Fri // 9-8
Sat // 9-5

The Salon

6 George Street,
Bath, BA1 2EH
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Phylosophie Hair Salon

6 George Street, Bath, BA1 2EH

Hairdressers in Bath – Vaughan

Hairdressers in Bath, Vaughan hair salon, is dedicated to providing a truly bespoke hairdressing service to the discerning guest. We offer an opportunity to explore in depth the desires and needs of our client. We will realistically manage expectations and provide appropriate solutions, allowing ample time to execute relevant techniques and promote an enhanced value experience of luxury and skill, in an uncompromising manner, at an appropriate and sustainable price.

About Us

The salon was founded by Bath based Mayfair and Chelsea hair stylist Miles Rhodes as an antidote to run of the mill production line salons. Miles was determined to create a space that consciously erred away from the typical flat pack salon. The result is a quirky yet relaxed and unpretentious space where the vaughan team can be inspired and provide guests with the ultimate in intelligent hairdressing.