Hair Colouring Services

Hair Colouring Service and Olaplex Bath

Our Hair Colouring Menu

Colour services are priced on initial in-depth consultation according to the techniques proposed and the time to be taken. We take pride in the less is more approach and will always try, where practical, to work within the hairs’ natural range of tones, generally resulting in a lower maintenance and better value appointment cycle. Initial consultation appointment is complementary.

Colour Service Menu Guide.

Single Process Permanent, or Semi-Permanent Colour.

Senior £70

Director £80

(Additional charge of £40 for Toning post single process lightening service)

Highlighting and Balayage, including Toners and Direct Dyes.

Senior £110

Director £140

Colour Correction work is undertaken post complementary consultation and is priced from £225 per half day.

We recommend Olaplex  in all of our bespoke colour formulations where appropriate. £20 per application.

A 25% reduction to our standard prices apply for all guests up to the age of 19 or in further education (excludes weekends).

Hair Colouring Service With Olaplex – Explore Colour Discover Beauty


We use a broad range of products to achieve the best results, and as a true independent we are not restricted to any single manufacturer or range, our products are kinder to the hair and guaranteed to deliver results every time.



Different and better

OLAPLEX “One ingredient changes everything”

New and revolutionary, OLAPLEX is an upgrade service for hair colouring. Dean Christal from America is the man who made it all happen. He is persistent and audacious. It was designed by scientists Dr Eric Pressly PHD in Materials and Dr Craig Hawker PHD in Chemistry. With outside eyes and innovation: They both came from outside the world of cosmetic science.

OLAPLEX is a single active ingredient, designed to reconnect the disulphide sulphur bonds broken by the process of permanent hair colouring and lightening. OLAPLEX is free of silicones, oils, aldehyde’s and parabens.

‘Garage Grown’ in the Californian technology tradition. The team knew what they wanted and after hours of preparation and mixing, Dean sought the opinion and test results of industry experts and hairdressing’s top colour technicians. They and their celebrity clients sent the message across the world. Colour, strength and shine; it works.